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Grant Thornton
Corporate Finance

Are you passionate about a career in Corporate Finance and are you ready to deliver the best advice and contribute to the development of your colleagues and yourself? At Grant Thornton, we believe that this happens when we all enjoy going to work - that is why our goal is to create the best workplace. We are committed to developing the best advisors, which is why we want to optimize your and your team's environment through increased personal insight and awareness. This creates positive effects in both your private life and at work.

We have a fun and exciting workday, in an environment where everyone is challenged and where everyone has a common goal of delivering the best possible advice to our clients. Everyone in our team is ambitious, but we also know that life is about more than transactions and work. That is why Jesper Vestergaard started the department with a vision of creating an M&A department with a focus on well-being and privacy without compromising on high professionalism and high ambitions.

Jakob Nikolaj Tinggaard


As an Analyst at Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, there is ample opportunity to develop professionally and personally alongside your studies. There is a very good understanding that as an Analyst, you prioritize your studies, which is reflected in the great flexibility given in connection with exam periods and other study projects.

As an Analyst, you also get the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise that you cannot learn at university. You gain a commercial understanding and the opportunity to gain insight into M&A, IPOs and capital raisings. This is gained by working closely with leaders and owners of some of Denmark's most exciting companies.

At the office, we often work in teams, which allows for valuable feedback and guidance from Associates, Associate Directors and Partners. It is a privilege to be able to learn from a team of experienced colleagues who are passionate about what they do.

Grant Thornton Corporate Finance is a fun and exciting workplace with a strong focus on personal well-being and social relationships with room for fun. A safe environment has been created with a flat and informal structure, where there is also room to find a balance between study and student job.

Yasmin Holm Larsen

Senior Associate

At Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, we have created an environment that focuses on personal development - professionally, personally and socially.

We focus on development on a personal level. This means that we continuously work to become more aware of ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses and development points, with the aim of creating the strongest possible team, both internally and towards our customers. This has created an environment where we support each other in areas that can be challenging and help each other in areas that we find more natural. This support and sparring across all levels creates a safe environment where there is room to accelerate your development.

Most importantly, we have fun. It's crucial for me to be in a workplace where I thrive socially when we spend so much time together on a daily basis. There's always room for a chat in the office, a Friday beer and fun departmental events that we organize on a regular basis.