Capital raises

At Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, we help Danish growth companies raise capital that can help create the optimal basis for the development of the company and help it realize its full potential.

Raising capital with Grant Thornton Corporate Finance

Regardless of the background for exploring the possibilities of raising capital, Grant Thornton Corporate Finance has the right network and the necessary expertise to complete a capital raise that is suitable for your company. We are in frequent dialogue with som of the most active investors in Denmark and abroad and therefore have a good sense of the ongoing development in the market. This also means that, based on your specific needs, we have optimal prerequisites for finding the right partner for your business. We offer advice on capital raises for both private and listed companies.

Inviting new investors into your company requires thorough preparation and a wide range of strategic and financial considerations. As a financial advisor, we help you find the right partner and streamline the process so that we are ready to contact potential investors within a short period of time. We advise on and assist with the following:

  • Preparation and identification of potential business opportunities and risks.
  • Strategic and financial analysis of your company's capital needs and advice on the optimal capital structure.
  • Preparation of investment material with a focus on communicating the right equity story to support and maximize the value of your business.
  • Screening and selection of potential investors through Grant Thornton's global network.
  • Organization of optimal transaction structure.
  • Negotiation with selected investors to ensure the best possible transaction terms and a strong  foundation for your company's future growth.