M&A transactions

Grant Thornton Corporate Finance offers M&A advice in connection with divestitures or acquisitions and helps your company navigate through the entire transaction process. We work with private companies as well as both Danish and foreign private equity funds.

M&A - Advice on the sale or acquisition of a business

We have extensive experience in all aspects of the transaction process - whether it is an acquisition or divestment of a company - with a particular focus on strategic and financial advice for business owners and SMEs. We provide in-depth knowledge about the strategic and financial considerations that are essential to ensure the optimal transaction. We have no specific sector focus but advise within several industries.

Sale of a business

At Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, we have the technical and holistic capabilities to offer fully integrated services and assist you throughout the entire transaction process. We coordinate the entire process in close cooperation with the company's other advisors and help you formulate your strategy, evaluate your opportunities, mitigate your risks and structure the transaction process to ensure the optimal transaction.

We act as project manager for the entire transaction process and professional sparring partner for both owners, management and board of directors in your company, so that you internally in the company can maintain focus on operations and on delivering on the objectives that are central to the completion of the transaction under optimal conditions.

We will use our insight and experience to estimate the market value of your business and identify potential buyers who, for strategic reasons, are both willing and able to pay the right price for the business. While the most relevant buyers may be foreign, we can quickly get access to the most important decision-makers through Grant Thornton's global network - wherever they may be in the world.

Our efficient sales process and negotiation skills ensure a clear communication of the acquisition opportunities to potential buyers and the best sales price for our client. We are proud to accompany the client all the way by contributing our insight and experience up to and after the closing of the transaction.

Even though the date of the desired transaction may be well into the future, it is always a good idea to start the process with your advisors as early as possible, as it gives you time to prepare, mature, develop and thus maximize the value of the business to be sold.

M&A sell-side process description

Early considerations
Creation of
sales material
Negotiations &
final agreement
Dialogues with
potential buyers
of buyers

Early considerations

Whether you are looking to complete a succession or wish to find a new partner to support future growth, it is always a good idea to start the process early to clarify the motives and expectations for a potential sale. We help assess all the different options and customize the best solution together with our client based on the specific situation.

Acquisition of a business

As it can be challenging to generate profitable and organic growth in a competitive global market, acquisitions and market consolidation are often an attractive strategy for companies looking to expand rapidly through new products or in new geographic markets.

At Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, we can help you at any stage of your acquisition process. If you need help screening the global market for potential acquisition targets, we are ready to assist you. We always initiate our collaboration by gaining a thorough understanding of our client's rationale behind a potential acquisition, after which we screen the market and identify the most relevant target companies in Denmark and globally. We are used to working under full discretion and in competition with other potential buyers. We contact potential targets and negotiate the most important conditions to ensure optimal terms for our client.

If you have already identified a potential acquisition target yourself, but wish to engage a professional advisor with knowledge of the various aspects of a transaction process, we at Grant Thornton Corporate are also happy to assist you. As there are many things to consider and many difficult decisions to make during an acquisition process, it can be useful to consult with a professional sparring partner. We create value for your company by providing strategic and financial advice throughout the entire process - we can, among other things, contribute with inputs in relation to the strategic thoughts behind the acquisition, structuring the bidding process, calculation of potential synergy effects, identification of commercial and financial negotiation points, and provide inputs to the structure for the subsequent integration of the acquired company.

Our advisory services are complete, so if the acquisition cannot be financed from the free reserves in your company, we can also assist in raising the necessary capital. We provide insight into the optimal capital structure between equity and debt, as we also have solid experience in advising on debt financing.